November 27th, 2008


Time sure flies, eh?

I dug out my PSP recently and recharged the batteries and set the date and time again. (It is out of the drawer so rarely that it usually has run out of power in the intervening months.) I also found the RPG "Kingdom of Paradise" that I used to play on it when it was fairly new. The last savegame was January 4th 2006. It's been a while! I must admit I had forgotten some details of the game, though it came back fairly easily.

Kingdom of Paradise, which I obviously first noticed because of the name, was hailed as the first unique direct-to-PSP role playing game, and has remained one of the best. Unfortunately the last part there is due to the limitation of the console itself. Collapse )

KoP chose to accept the limitations and roll with them, so to speak. Collapse )

The game's two most maligned features are actually the best: Collapse ) and Collapse ).

The game was first sold only in shops but can now be downloaded for $10.99 at the Playstation Store.

Also: Happy St Gluttony's Wake to my American friends!