November 25th, 2008

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Vista almost redeems itself!

It burned a folder from a network drive to a DVD-R without any third-party software, with clear and relevant instructions for every step. It auto-detected the type of medium, buffered data locally before the burn, and let me choose between an open DVD that could be appended to or a finished that was readable everywhere. I really can think of no way to improve on the experience. This is better than Roxio which I used on the previous machine, and far better than Nero which I had to root out from my hard disk and registry as it was worse than useless.

Moving data between storage devices is one of the things an operating system SHOULD do, in my opinion, and doing it well is a major star in the book.


So evidently the word "fuinki" (atmosphere,mood) is actually spellificated "funiki". Because, you know, it is not enough to have to learn thousands of strange letters to write Japanese. You must still type it wrong to get it spelled right. (Like in English.)

Google is very helpful (not).

Age of DirectX10

Funcom has upgraded their latest MMORPG, Age of Conan, to use DirectX 10. I don't know if this means you can't play it under Windows XP, but I know it means that I can't. When I go to the Microsoft page for downloading the latest DirectX for my computer, the installer runs but then complains that it "could not download the file". Unfortunately it neglects to mention which file, or I could try to get it elsewhere.

Woo, Funcom, way to make sure your game remains a small niche product. Meanwhile, people can run WoW under Linux if they so desire. Probably even Mac, although I am not sure why girly-girly computer owners would want to do that...

[EDIT] After checking a few forums, I downloaded the full November redistributable installer for DirectX 9.0c, unpacked it to a folder on my desktop, located the executable and ran it. I suppose this is a new initiative from Funcom to make sure that only real men play their game. I think most real barbarians would have smashed their computer before that though. I expect to see mostly wizards when I log in this time...

[EDIT 2] And then, after that, there are 1.69 GB of patches. I'm gonna watch Kannagi instead.

Kannagi ep 8

There is some fanservice in this episode, so young people who struggle with the lusts of the flesh may be advised to stand it over. This is too bad, because it is full of insanity and hilarious misunderstandings. In all fairness, the ecchi all takes place in the head of a supporting character. There is also tenderness and divine intervention, making this one of the best Kannagi episodes (apart from the fanservice). I feel the anime recovered nicely from the obviously anime-original previous episode, which was too predictable and completely ignored the main topic of Nagi's spiritual status.
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"Divorce cuts 10 years off your life"

German statistics referred in Demografische Forschung 2008/3 gives a very strange set of information on marital status and life expectancy: Divorced men live on average 9.3 years less, women 9.8 years less. (This clashes with American research I have read but not bookmarked, claiming that divorced women live longer than married women. Is the culture really that much different, or have I been misled?) Anyway, the real shocker: Unwed men suffer no such "death penalty" for their lack of family values. This is almost certainly wrong, though I can't say how. A man who does not marry is almost certainly sick in body or soul, if not both, unless he happens to be a monk. Perhaps the monks live so incredibly long that they offset the rest. Huh. More research is needed.

But it does make sense for women to ditch men who become chronically ill. Such men will earn less money, but also tend to turn surly and have special needs. Besides, females of virtually all vertebrate species will find unhealthy males sexually unattractive. Humans are, with few exceptions, vertebrates.

Rather than divorce leading to sickness, then, the most likely conclusion is that sickness leads to divorce. Not quite the same thing.

Link to German source.
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