November 23rd, 2008


Time and eternity - the abridged version

Lest the irony be lost...

Life is a cross between time and eternity, so to speak. They are both present "simultaneously".

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The world of time and matter can be likened to a horizontal plane, the world of eternity and spirit to a vertical axis. For each of us, time ends with death. "After" that there is only eternity*.

(*Barring a literal resurrection, of course.)

For this reason, to reject the world of time and matter as some mystics do is to live in vain. There will be plenty of timelessness when there is no more time. If suicide is a sin, then just waiting for death must likewise be a sin, since you are not living in the world in any case.

Conversely to reject the world of eternity and spirit as materialists seem to do is to die in vain. Given that we are bound to die, this seems also a bad thing.

I am clearly still leaning quite a bit to the material side since I really really detest dying. I should probably keep my Sabbath better. The purpose of the Sabbath is to provide time for timelessness within time, so that one can get acquainted with it on more friendly terms than by a near-death experience.