November 21st, 2008


Atheists are sick, sick people

Or at least they supposedly have a 20% higher mortality rate*. Not exactly news, these stories seem to have been around for years and years. I remember commenting years ago on how one would expect the true believers to be the first to cross the river.
The special thing about this article is the sidebar with lots of related stories.

(*In the end, mortality is pretty close to 100% whether you are a theist or not, though.)
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Genetic genealogy

I have mixed feelings about the commercial projects to analyze snippets of DNA from volunteers to give them feedback on their "ethnicity", where they come from and who they are related to. There is a clear network effect in this, so that once you get up in the thousands of customers, you will be able to uncover lots of interesting data. But this will mean that more and more people will join up with one or a few of these databases, and then the risk factors set in. Once joining one of them becomes commonplace, people will start discovering the extend to which their actual DNA heritage differs from the official records. You will start running into cousins who don't share any close ancestry, and lawsuits will break out. More rarely, a married couple may find out that they are close relatives, if they come from the same area. Perhaps it would be better to let buried dogs lie.
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