November 5th, 2008

At work, Self portrait

America votes for hope.

Unfortunately, that is the worst possible things they could get right now. Americans have had waaaay too much hope for the last decade or two. This is irrefutably proved by the fact that they have been steadily spending more compared to their earnings, and the difference has kept growing. Only the insane could do so without a very strong hope and faith in the future. (The fairly rapid population growth, for a rich country, points in the same direction.)

Americans are irredeemable optimists. That's their great strength and their weakness. In their heart, they cannot really doubt that they will reach their goals - even when they are marching in the opposite direction, as they have for some years now.
At work, Self portrait


I am glad to see that almost all of my American conservative friends have retained their dignity in the face of the political setback. (A setback which could not possibly come as a surprise, much less a shock, on anyone with a pair of reading glasses.)

It would be unseemly for a true conservative to whine or bleat. Actually that is unseemly for any adult, but doubly so for those who have the life experience that normally accompanies a true conservative mindset, as opposed to the simple thoughtless bigotry that sometimes sails under the same flag. Perhaps we will now get to see who are real conservatives and who are just camp followers. That would be a good thing in itself. With Republicans in power for so long, there are bound to be people who have been riding the coat tails of power. Let them jump ship now so all can see their true nature.