October 15th, 2008


Spore diary

Terraforming was every bit as fun as I had imagined. Now that I have a heat ray and a cold ray, the expenses are limited to adding or subtracting atmosphere. And with a large cargo bay, I can bring in a full tier of plants and animals. So far I am working on bringing planets from zero to tier 1 so the colonies can start producing. I now regret not getting more solar systems with rare spices while they were still up for grabs, but I have a couple of them. I suppose the next step would be to try to add tier 2 and 3 to these, to boost production there. Actually, this is the one part of the space game I really enjoy, as expected. I'd love to terraform a hundred planets rather than fight my way to the center of the galaxy. Then again, I have a reputation for not finishing games.
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Kinda hard to believe

I just today got a letter from Centum Finans, a Norwegian loan broker, offering up to quite a bit over my yearly income in unsecured credit at nominal 8.4% interest. Uhm, is this in the same reality where banks hesitate to lend each other money overnight? Or am I having a slider moment here?

Something tells me that this letter may have been in production for a while and that the contents may no longer be exact anymore...