October 7th, 2008

Type, Computer

Bought new desktop computer

Probably the only 3-core machine ever to come in my house, I named it Trine*. It is also the first time I buy a desktop computer that is actually a little weaker than my main computer. It is meant to replace the old computer that expired (well past its warranty) and that used to sit under the desk beside my main computer and do other things (mostly playing Sims 2 - I do in fact have a whole Sims neighborhood named Laissez-Faire. This will surprise very few readers).

* "Trine" is a woman's name in Norway, and despite its mostly angular features, I have had a feminine vibe from it virtually from the start. Also, the name is shorter than Triceratops.

I took it on the bus home. Coming home, I pondered the possibility of not heating the house this winter, but instead just carry a computer around from time to time.

Trine is currently in the icy cold living room sweating out the "new computer" smell while installing Sims 2. To be continued, I hope.
Type, Computer

Woo, fun with Vista

Finally got the Vista machine on the Network by renaming the default network name on the Vista machine. Happiness ensues. Also got Opera up and running. Installing City of Heroes. Even though I copied in a complete CoH folder at the target location, it still downloads every file to check if it really is the same. Muh. Sims 2 w/ all expansion packs installed. Copied neighborhoods and downloads from main machine. Started Sims 2. Neighborhoods were missing or unchanged. Exited game. Found that more than half of neighborhoods were not moved during the file-move operation, while some were. Moving them again. This time it took half of those that were left. The next time it got it all though.

I have read that Vista comes with a free "downgrade" option to earlier Windows versions. Seems like a good idea now. On the bright side, my first machine with actual 4GB RAM. (Terra has 4GB but can only access 3.2 because of 32-bits Windows XP.) More testing is in order.