October 3rd, 2008


Ordered Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10

(The speech recognition software, for those who don't obsess over that kind of products.) The reviews are in, and they are mostly very positive except for certain installation problems under Vista. It is still not recommended on laptops, but that's OK with me. I expect to have it housebroken before NaNoWriMo, although I don't plan to use it for most of my writing. I find Dragon very nice for writing dialog - it is easier to make my writing "speaky" when I actually speak it. And while my wrist is so much better than a few years ago, it will probably never heal completely.

"Bailout bill" passed

Now with added pork!
There is no dearth of money when you can pork your constituency for the future election. Imagine that.

Obviously, this is a great day for those who bought up shares at the bottom. Not that they won't hit bottom again, but in the meantime the rich will have grown that much richer by selling them on top of the relief jubilation.