September 24th, 2008


Potato justice!

After listening to the morning news about the school shooting in Finland, I fell asleep again for a few seconds and saw a potato lying on the floor. And suddenly I realized that everyone ought to carry a raw potato on them in public. That way, if an armed person attacked a group of people (as in a school shooting or a bank robbery) they would all throw their potato at him. A raw potato is not soft - it is more like a stone than a nerf ball - but it is rarely lethal: If it hits a skull, the potato will shatter instead of the skull. Still, being hit with half a dozen large raw potatoes would incapacitate most people for long enough to disarm them.

I woke up and realized how ridiculous it would look with everyone carrying a potato. But hey, perhaps the farm lobby gets it attached to some piece of legislation...
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