September 13th, 2008

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Yesterday's Spore post, today!

I decided to just play on with my Creature instead of moving on to Tribe. I now hav 5-5-4-4 socials, and added one of my nestmates when I lost a follower. Charming yellows is now a fairly sure thing, so I keep racking up DNA points and also getting new and better parts. And not only that: At some point (perhaps after the message about having 20 allies) some of the formerly orange mood species have changed to yellow, meaning I can visit them without getting attacked. I intend to spend my next Spore session doing the same. I have this vague notion that some of them will be transplanted to other planets by UFOs and will remember me when I start exploring the univers. I may be wrong, but anyway a good reputation cannot hurt. Besides, it is fun. There are so many weird critters around!

Unfortunately my Sagtakkus won't fly even with two sets of wings. It only has a jump button, the fly button is grayed out. My nestmate flies a little though, which confuses me. Perhaps my game is buggy? It is no big deal, since I'll use an UFO to fly if I ever get that far, but it would have been interesting to try.


Today for the first time I read the story of Hachiko, the faithful dog, who got its very own statue outside the Shibuya station. I found it a very moving story. Dogs really are dumb, but they are dumb in ways that we can understand.
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Facing certain death is what Texans do.

The voices in my head told me this was going to happen:
"She was watching floodwaters recede from her front porch Saturday morning, armed with a shotgun."
From my comment to the ever vigilant theweaselking yesterday:
"I guess most people would retreat in the face of certain death... but this is Texas. There will surely be a good number left guarding their homes with their guns ready."
From the article again:
"Authorities were frustrated, but vowed to get to the more than 140,000 people who stubbornly stayed behind as soon as they could."

Luckily for these people, the storm flood only reached 13.5 feet rather than the projected 20 feet. It is still a lot of water to have in your house. I know I'd rather be elsewhere. But as anyone knows who has ever read a western book, Texas is Different. I look forward to hearing from my friends there again when the power comes back.
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