September 2nd, 2008

Type, Computer

Getting Chrome?

Fact is that Google already hosts your email, calendar, RSS reader, web history, documents, photos, blogs and much more free functionality. It is quite clear Google knows what you are doing since you do it with their applications. It is always questionable if you should want to outsource that many of your applications to one provider. However Google stated that it is not evil and therefore you should not mind it.
CapGemini are not very good at sarcasm.

I, on the other hand, have voluntarily fed Google with all the information I could think of, including the content of several hard disks, and there is no sign in the advertisements yet that their machines have read any of it. I doubt using a Google browser would make a difference.

On a related note, why not call it Google Browser instead of Chrome? People are more likely to trust something called Google than Chrome, I bet.