August 16th, 2008


My infection made me do it!

Craving fatty food? Blame it on childhood illness (New Scientist)
-Severe ear infections in childhood cause permanent changes to a nerve from the tongue to the brain, causing fatty foods to taste better for the rest of your life. Adults with a history of childhood ear infection have a higher body mass index and are twice as likely to be obese.

Let me add that the practice of gathering children in kindergarten etc has caused ear infections to become quite a bit more common in small children. While the discovery does not explain today's high levels of obesity, it does indicate that the future will be even fatter (unless we find some way to reverse the damage or at least prevent new cases).


It was a fairly normal dream at first. I was talking to two previous (female) bosses, who were sitting there studying some book like sims do and ignoring me. But then the dream changes because some idiot who I knew in the dream was herding the cattle toward us. Or perhaps he just let them lose and they were on their way here (wherever here was) because of the geometry. Now a room full of upset cattle is not a place you want to be. I decided to teleport to the balcony. But I couldn't. I usually can teleport in dreams if I remember to think of it, but this time nothing happened. I decided to try teleporting to the neighboring room, but I could not even sense the interior of the other room through the wall.

At this time I realized I was dreaming ("room full of cattle" ought to clue you in to that fact, eh?) and decided to wake up rather than face a stream of upset cattle. I woke up enough to see what the clock was, that it was less than half an hour till my alarm anyay, but then I fell back into the dream. I made myself wake up again and just barely managed to roll over on my side. I did not have the power to wake up completely, and hung suspended between the worlds until that particular dreamworld closed (they always move on after a while if you go outside them). I slid back down into dreamless sleep again until the alarm went off, and even then I was horribly sleepy. I don't know why, I slept a fairly normal amount of time. I may have used magic in some earlier dream, that always leaves me drained.
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More Zu Online

Surprisingly, Zu Online is currently my favorite game. I suspect this will not last longer than till level 60, when the newbie protection runs out. Even then, you can set a PvE flag that will cause people in your own faction to lose honor if they attack you, but I suspect the level-appropriate quests and mobs will be in zones where the two other factions also roam. We shall see. Or perhaps not, since I tend to get interested in new things pretty quickly. (Sims 2 Apartment Life, the final expansion pack, is due in less than two weeks. Spore should be up next month.)

The unique thing (apart from the distinctive oriental graphics) is the automatic travel. Rather than merely marking a quest goal on the map and in a compass, the game calculates the route and your character runs or flies there on its own. I can use the time to sort through my inventory or even take a quick bathroom break (at least as long as I stay in a zone where I'm not attacked). How I wish we had this in City of Heroes! The closest you come is if you're flying from one end of the zone to the other. Unsurprisingly, flight is my favorite travel power.

As expected

Norway is after all America's wagging tail, and despite our better starting condition this time, the financial crisis is running the same course, only delayes by somewhere around 18 months. This is largely the same for booms and busts. Norwegians are still in denial, unlike our American cousins, but banks now report that more and more customers use credit cards to pay the mortgages on their homes. This is a perfectly reasonable thing to do if your cheque is in your mail or your rich parents already died but you haven't got the inheritance yet. Otherwise, it is a nice short trip to losing your home. A much wiser decision would be to contact the bank first and ask about a slower payback schedule. Banks generally prefer this over having to sell the house in a falling market. Optimists still see the housing market as stagnant rather than falling, and argue that everything is different here. But the prices are still edging down. When the foreclosures begin, the bottom will drop out of the market. It is only then that our central bank will lower the interest rates again.