August 15th, 2008


In local news

Statkraft (Norway's largest energy company) and Agder Energi (the largest on the south coast) have established a new windpower company, the largest onshore windpower project in Norway. They believe this will make Kristiansand the windpower capital of Norway and contribute to financial and industrial growth in the region. (As if we needed that!)
Source: NRK Sørlandet (in Norwegian).

Lately, the price of electricity here on the south coast has increased markedly, after a subsea cable connected the south coast of Norway to the Netherlands, where electricity is far more expensive. The cable has a capacity equivalent to 5% of the total Norwegian consumption. (This is of course a much higher proportion of the local market, and new technology makes it possible to transmit the electricity with much less loss than in traditional power lines.) Norway already has two similar cables, at least one of which is to Denmark.
Source: NRK Sørlandet (in Norwegian again).
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