August 13th, 2008


Zu online

Another free-to-play game from IGG. (They make their profit from selling various game advantages, like double xp, for real money. So people play for free, get hooked and pay to get ahead.)

The name is not German, but Chinese. In fact, the game is VERY Chinese. It is actually made by Chinese and later translated into English. (You would guess this from the text, but it is not badly broken.) The art is unique, like oriental paintings come to life. The setting is also based on Taoist legends of immortals, humans who have developed superpowers through spiritual cultivation. There are no elves and orcs here, and the classes are not quite what you would expect. (My swordsman started with only a ranged attack, for instance!) Two of the classes are reserved for women and the other three for men. As can be expected, the greatest works require men and women to work together. (Yin & Yang.)

As can be expected from a game originating in China, hardware requirements are moderate. It is not a browser game though, you have to download a client, but it only fills a couple CDs rather than a couple DVDs. As a result, it is slightly more cartoonish than even World of Warcraft, not to mention City of Heroes or Age of Conan. But the unique art style helps, and the performance is great even on my laptops.

I have sims to attend to, but I look forward to getting into the game again and meeting my pet goat.
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