August 5th, 2008


Fate and potato salad

I bought my favorite potato salad before this weekend. Grill potato salad with maize-corn and barbeque spices. It is only available in the summer, unfortunately. So, about eating it... On Saturday I didn't because it was too hot. (I need to heat these things until the fat runs out, since fat makes me violently ill. Besides, it greatly improves the taste.) It was so hot, I was mostly drinking juice and water through the day, and some yogurt. No frying for sure. Then on Sunday, my stomach hurt (as it tends to do if I sleep on my right side the night before - I am not sure this is normal, but it's been like that for some years). So I couldn't eat anything that day either. And now on Monday, the weather is cool and my stomach doesn't hurt - but my guts are running wild. I have only eaten small portions of mild stuff all day. So the salad is still not opened. I wonder if fate is going to make a sport out of this and see if it can keep me off the salad until it spoils in the fridge...
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I got sick! At work! At least I get paid for it.

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EDIT: Made it home! I set off after an involuntary nap. With my fat poisonings, this extreme drowsiness is usually the last phase. Obviously this was not a fat poisoning, since I haven't eaten fat since Friday at the last, but perhaps other poisonings work the same. I still have a slight headache and dizziness, but not extremely so.
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Dell Studio Hybrid

It is small, lightweight and designed to minimized wife aggro. It uses little power and much recycling. It has a decent processor (or two, depending on how you count) and plenty of disk and memory. And then it ruins it all by having a Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 instead of a real video card, meaning it will probably not run City of Heroes and maybe not even Sims 2. Would it have killed them to put an Nvidia onboard graphics chip instead, like 6100/6150? Games cannot tell these from real video cards. My old secondary PC is breaking down, I just might have bought this one if it had come with a games-compatible video chipset. -_-

It bears mention that this machine would be delivered from Dell's Irish plant and support would also be European, so it being Dell is not damning in itself. I have a Dell machine, and it lasted a year and a half before the screen started turning black shortly after startup. I believe that with Norwegian consumer laws, I can have it repaired for free within the first two years - our consumer laws overrule contracts. I even have the packaging it came in. Or, I could take the screen from the old desktop (which is well past its warranty) and set up with the laptop instead, and not buy a new desktop at all. But what is the fun in not buying computers? Especially new computers that are different from the ones you have.
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What's with NaNoWriMo waking up in the summer each year?

I am not the only one, judging from the forum. The National Novel Writing Month becomes restless when the days turn oh so slightly shorter. And like several earlier years, it is a song that jumps out and begs to be my muse for this November. (Actually, Caritas jumped out first and offered itself for book 4, which is why I bought this CD in the first place. But Book 3, which I hope to write this fall, is supposed to have humility as its theme. I also had a sketchy idea of the setting. Imagine my amazement when this song actually seemed to know my plot synopsis and added to it.

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Also, I very much hope I can lean on zombiebanana to draw my online cover again. It was you, wasn't it? My friends keep changing names to include fruits and vegetables so I am worried that I'm losing track of you. I hope we can get started earlier this time.
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