August 1st, 2008

At work, Self portrait

Eclipse update

The sunshine is indeed slightly paler, as if gauzy clouds were passing before the sun. That is probably what I would have thought happened, if I did not happen to read about it today.
Shocked, Scared

The dragon speaks - and mails

In August 2007 I had a series of imaginary future journals in my Chaos Node. For 8 august 2008, my imaginary journal was about how I had ordered Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10, the final version of the world's best speech recognition program - final, because in my imaginary future, they had been bought up by microsoft.

Some months later I got a mail from Nuance (who make Dragon) asking me politely but firmly to remove the entry from my website. I wrote back that it was clearly marked as fiction, but seeing how a Google search for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 brought the snippet on the first page and without any of my precautionary text, I decided to insert remarks in the text clarifying once again how imaginary it was.

Or was it?

Today I got another mail from Nuance, this time a mass mail informing me that Dragon NaturallySpeaking is out and I can order it now - in August 2008. No wonder they were upset by my entry last year! If I could predict the month they would release D NS 10...

Unfortunately for the world, however, Microsoft is still sticking with its inferior speech recognition. Good luck with that. Dragon supports all common Microsoft products, by the way. Now more awesome than ever (and with improved support for non-native users and regional dialects, yay).
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