July 31st, 2008


Today in sunny Norway

I woke up to another leg cramp, only two days after the last. Personal record. It was the other leg (as expected), the right this time. I woke up about an hour before the alarm and the cramp started. (I am not sure of cause and effect, the two happened so close in time.) I grabbed my leg and prayed to God: "Please, think of my coworkers!" I meant it too, because I am the only IT guy left in the two south coast provinces during the summer vacation. Amazingly, the cramp stopped halfway through. It still hurt, but with some self-massage and non-steroid painkillers I was able to go to work. (Given today's work performance, it probably won't work next time. There was almost none of the work I am confident with.)

I think we can scratch the dehydration theory, I am rarely this waterlogged even in winter. Lack of exercise may be more reasonable: It is hard to exert oneself in this heat. Although I do mow the lawn occasionally. Did not do it yesterday though, not sure about the day before last time. Did it today again. Not sure if it counts as leg exercise, but with a manual lawnmower it is pretty good exercise. Especially one where the blades has become so dull it flattens more grass than it cuts. -_-

Yesterday was partly cloudy, but today the sky was blue again. Even so, it was only 25 degrees celsius outside, a temperature that is comfortable even with light but decent clothes. Wet hair is also strongly recommended to keep cool. If only there had been more wind, so the inside of the house could have fallen to the same temperature.

If it had not been so hot, I could have slept a couple hours during the day, so I could wake up earlier, which would help avoid leg cramp. But then again, if it had not been so hot, I would not have had leg cramps in the first place.