July 29th, 2008

Shocked, Scared

Leg cramp day

Each summer when the weather is painfully hot, I get leg cramps in the morning before I wake up (or just at that point). I had avoided it this year, probably because I woke up earlier and flexed before going to sleep again. But tonight I slept too well. I have taken painkillers that help against stiffness, and massaged my leg, but I know from experience that even with that, it will take a day before I can go to work again. This sucks because I am alone at work in my department, the others being on vacation. But hopefully I'll be back tomorrow, unless I get another cramp then. My doctor think it is dehydration that triggers it, but I can only drink until I am full.

It was only a minute before my alarm, too. -_-

On the bright side, no fainting and no seeing the Circle of Light this time.