July 9th, 2008


CMX: Baikonur

No, that's not Icelandic for bacon. Well, it would be amusing if it were. Baikonur is a space launch site in Kazakhstan. But in this context, it is a song by the Finnish band CMX. This song is awesome, for the reason that I like it. I heard it on Last.FM, and before it was finished I had added it to my Loved Tracks. Since then it has grown on me, so I began to wait for it to come again. (I have amassed rather a number of loved tracks, by my standards. It would take hours to get through them all.) Unfortunately it is not easy to buy Finnish music if you don't live in Finland. And unlike many other well-known songs, it doesn't seem to be on YouTube or Imeem. So Last.FM is for now the only way I can hear it. Anyway I think it would be worth buying if I could. But even the "buy" button on Last.FM only takes me to a bunch of other CMX tracks.

The Finns are awesome at making melancholy songs. Incidentally, the Finns are supposedly direct descendants of the Cro-Magnon, the first of our species to replace the Neanderthals in Europe. This makes a lot of sense, they probably retreated up there when the weather became unbearably hot further south. It is easy to imagine the men gathering in some deep underground cave filled with paintings of bison and horses and phalluses in the flickering light of a single tar-drenched torch, solemnly singing: "minä olen unohtanut miltä tuntuu rakastaa" like they truly mean it.