July 7th, 2008


Tetsuwan Birdy Decode, ep 1

A.k.a "Birdy the Mighty". ><
I did not see the first anime adaptation, but anyway, rarely has an anime title been so misleading. There is no hint of our feathered friends in here. "Birdy" is an alien shape-changing super police, whose battle form for some reason looks like a sporty North European woman. The male protagonist is the usual guy, bland in body and soul, clueless about girls, and drawn rather similar to real Japanese high school boys, at least more so than the rest of the cast. You know the type. Usually this is a hallmark of harem anime, but there is little sign of that. You see, the male protagonist dies in the second half of the first episode.
Luckily his consciousness is saved (presumably by some technology indistinguishable from magic) but his body is beyond rescue. So he gets to share the body of the smexy alien policewoman. (After all, she did kill him, even if it was by mistake.) So yeah, they kinda start living together, but in her body. That's taking it even further than UFO Princess Valkyrie (or was that UFO Valkyrie Princess?). I certainly look forward to seeing where this will go. Then again I have a soft spot for boys who turn into magical princesses. (I suppose we should all be glad that it is a soft spot.)

The difference in style and tempo could not be much greater compared to Natsu no Sora. I still think this reflect the gender of the target audience. The opening song is pleasant but not memorable, which means the anime will probably turn out the same.
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