July 3rd, 2008


English word question

Is there a common word for a person who partakes in monogamy without government sanction? My brain draws a blank today, even though there must be millions and millions of these people. A voice in my head proposes "cohab" but this may be simply a translation of the Scandinavian concept. (Swedish "sambo" = cohab, Norwegian "samboer"= cohabiter, cohabitant). The voice also mention the common phrase (live-in) girlfriend / boyfriend as an everyday translation, but this seems less formal and more emotional.

Uhm, this is not about me, of course. But the voice in my head has probably already told you as much.

The US Presidential election has started ... sort of

Thanks to the amazing power of Google Translate, you can now read this story about the US election taking place in Norway. It is remarkable not only for its content, but because the word rendered by Google Translate as "Hell" is actually Kvinesdal, a place name here on the south coast of Norway with an extreme country & western culture. I am not giving any feedback to Google to report this error.

I also cordially invite you to look around the page and enjoy the fruits of the planet's leading machine intelligence. While this means my miso soup cooking catgirl robot is still far away, it does wonders for my employment prospects.