June 28th, 2008


It is not paved, but the good intentions are surely there

Over the last months, they have built a new bike/pedestrian lane from Nodeland here to neighboring Hortemo. It is finished, and very nice. In fact, it is better than the main roads used to be when I grew up. Not that this says much. But anyway, I walked the length of it today (for the small shop in Hortemo is the only place in the Kristiansand area I have found Taveners drops, a quite British type of candy that is not in much demand here. It does contain a little hardened fat, which is rather on the toxic side by today's standards. But I should take less damage from it than most humans, seeing how I can only eat small amounts of fat altogether, for other reasons). In any case, I had the road to myself, except one couple with a baby stroller when I walked one way, and an elderly couple that I met on my walk back. I am honored that they would build such a great lane just for us, but it seems slightly wasteful, kind of like eating with silver spoons.
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