May 7th, 2008


Lawnmowing season has begun in the subarctic

I sincerely hope the doctors weren't kidding me about how strong my heart is and stuff, because even standing on my feet was exercise after trying to propel my manual lawnmower through the short but desperately tenacious grass. I don't remember it being that hard last year. I wonder if I need to get the blades sharpened. It is as if they are just cutting the grass with some kind of karate rather than like a knife. If I lose speed (due to moss, which there is too much of) I get stuck. Not having sharpened this thing in two years is also kind of suspicious, is it not? Back on the farm we would never let anything go without maintenance for two years.
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Business trip again

In an hour and a half, I will have to leave for another 23-hour trip to Drammen. I shall, if all goes according to plan, wait a couple hours in Kristiansand, then try to sleep on the train, then sit through a day of meetings (where I will probably be more asleep than awake for the last few hours) and then take the train back home. I consider it marginally preferable to a bad stomach flu, but worse than a common cold. Unfortunately a common cold would not be enough to keep me home. Only things worse than business trips could do that. Oh the irony.

I am easily amused

This mail from WIE magazine was the first time I saw Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens referred to as The Four Horsemen.

In related news (also from WIE), 94% of American professors consider themselves more competent than their colleagues.
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