April 29th, 2008


Food. Don't come home without it.

I felt like getting a couple banana yogurt anyway. So while I was at the shop, I picked up a few packets of dried pasta, and a couple boxes of canned vegetables. Stuff that can stand a few years without spoiling. It was more like because I could carry that much anyway. It's not like I'm stocking up for a food shortage, you know. There won't be any of that up here in Norway. Well, not for any foreseeable reason at least. Asteroid hits, Iceland exploding, that kind of stuff could be a problem. But not just the usual stupidity. I mean, so what if some countries decide to stop exporting food to keep it for their own citizens? Norway is exporting a lot of fish, which we could keep as well if they want to play it that way. And there is a lot of terrain that can be used to produce food if people really needed to. But food has been so cheap for so long that we have had to pay farmers as if they were state employees to make them stay on their farms. Paying a little more for the food is only healthy. My countrymen are starting to get a little chubby as it is.

But anyway, I just happen to like pasta. And vegetables.
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