April 28th, 2008


Remember your lunch?

Memories of your last meal can help you stay thin - New Scientist (mostly subscriber content).

"Suzanne Higgs and colleagues at the University of Birmingham, UK, asked a group of women students to take part in a biscuit taste test, having previously given them a set lunch. Before the test began, Higgs encouraged half of the women to write a detailed description of their lunch, while the rest were asked to recall their journey to the campus.
After the taste test, which had been designed to hide the true nature of the study from participants, each woman was invited to eat their fill of the remaining biscuits. The women who had recalled their lunch ate fewer biscuits than those who recalled their journey, Higgs found.

It is widely assumed that thinking of food can cause people to eat more. But it seems that thinking of food you already ate can cause people to eat LESS.

I happened to know one guy who had a brain damage that caused him to forget most of his life. He filled the blank with steadily new imaginary exploits, though. But more to the case, he also forgot his meals soon after he had eaten them, and would then proceed to eat again. And again. And again. It is pretty amazing. Until then, I thought there were sensors in the stomach that measured whether you were full or not. But evidently these play only a minor role, while the brain plays a major role.

In any case, I present you with this valuable piece of knowledge because I care. ^_^ Live long and prosper!