April 3rd, 2008

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Weird glitch

Amazingly, when I installed Roxio drag-to-disk CD/DVD burner software, my D: station suddenly became E: and the other way around. I've rebooted a couple times and it seems they are stuck that way. That's pretty crazy. There is no particular difference between them really, so I think it was a bit random who was who in the first place. But now I have to move all folders on each of them to the other.

[EDIT] With all that, it is still not able to read a DVD burned to the old computer with the same program.
Type, Computer

More on the Roxio thing (not Roxy)

I uninstalled Roxio 6 last night, but the drive names remained swapped. I remember changing the names of drives some years ago, but could not be stressed to try to figure it out again. The drives are virtually identical so I simply moved the content of each to the other. More work for the computer, less for me.

Anyway, the weird part is that Roxio did not change the name of the DVD drive, so it really had no reason to mess with those drive names in the first place. It also asked me to restart the computer like 4 times during the installation, not a good sign. The DVD it would not read was made with the previous version, Roxio 5, I now believe. It still worked fine on the old machine with that program. But even after I did the "make readable in any drive", it did not show up on my quad-core until I uninstalled Roxio 6. Your experience will almost certainly vary, since desktop computers these days tend to be more or less individualized.

One weird side effect was that after installing (and uninstalling) Roxio 6, my Orb Winamp Remote server program worked again. It has been greyed out since I installed Norton 360. (The previous sentence will fail to surprise a number of my LJ friends, which is why I have not mentioned it before.) So I can once again listen to my home CDs at work with a little distortion. This was after all my excuse for having the laptop at work in the first place. The real reason is of course to spend my lunch break on LJ; for it is written on the Internet: "I blog, therefore I am."


I had forgotten that screenshots in the game Oblivion don't work if I have antialiasing enabled. Now that I read it I remember it. But it totally slipped my mind. And $DEITY did not remind me, probably because $DEITY is less than enthusiastic about the whole thing even after I stopped stripping dead necromancers to the skin and arranging them in sexual positions with zombies and giant rats on top. But enough about that, antialiasing is the problem. For future reference mostly, if any.
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