March 27th, 2008


A sick body in a sick society

I am thoroughly freezing even in a warm room. This is usually a sign of either fat poisoning or fever. I don't remember eating enough fat for that, and my stomach is not twisting and churning, but on the other hand my temperature started fairly low. It is higher than average for me now, but still normal for a human. I relly hope it's not the flu: We have a super important job tomorrow, one of my coworkers have the Fridays off and the other already has his own portion of the job which is enough to keep him there all day.

Yes, Norway has become thoroughly Americanized in this way at least, that the state government bureaucracy has no more people than it needs to run if nobody gets sick. The irony is that this comes about through the rapid increase in salaries. Each tentacle of government gets alloted a budget that is on average 1-3% higher than last year, roughly in line with the national inflation target. When the salaries rise 5-10% a year (on average, not mine) it goes without saying that you end up with fewer and fewer people. Which is why it is imperative to not get sick, especially on Fridays.