March 25th, 2008


Replaced tooth

The ceramic tooth that fell out some days ago is now glued back on. Disturbingly, it was not the glue / synthetic enamel that broke but the root stub to which it was glued. There isn't much left in there to fasten it on anymore, the dentist says, but he tried one more time. So now I have tooth again. My upper jaw hurts after a few hours, up to about the left eye, probably inflammation from the gums that were scraped and prodded violently during the tooth replacement.

At least I can speak and be understood again. Not that I speak much anyway.
At work, Self portrait

Democracy in Europe

It seems unlikely that democracy would have been introduced in Europe in today's political climate, if it hadn't already been implemented during a more idealistic time in the past. For instance, do you know how Europeans save up for their pensions? The state deducts a portion of our wages together with the taxes, and (for most nations) spend it along with the taxes. Then later they pay pensions from the taxes. This works fine as long as there are about the same proportion of pensioners to taxpayers when you pay and when you receive. Norway happens to have a large pension fund (though certain politicians want to use it for good purposes right now) but the principle is still the same: You can't trust the people to save up for their own old age. Why then do you trust them to vote? If they are too stupid to preserve their own life, why would you trust them with the future of the nation?

On a very uncontroversial note: Amazon fun! claims I have bought 108 items there. I recongize a few of them as being in my house, a bunch of others as gifts, rewards or exchanges with friends, and then there is a bunch of things I cannot imagine I have bought at all. "Mage: The Ascension Dice Set"? "Mage: The Ascension (Revised Edition)"? I'd love one of those, but I really doubt I've bought them. "Intimate Behavior: A Zoologist's Classic Study of Human Intimacy" by Desmond Morris? Looks interesting. I could probably learn something from that one... since I know almost nothing beforehand. "Pom Poko"? I don't even know what that means. Wait, it means "the sound made by thumping the tummy of a comfortably full raccoon". Hee, I can relate to that! And so on and on it goes. I wonder if they have counted in stuff I just looked at for one reason or another, and used it for recommendations. It is pretty amusing if so.
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