March 15th, 2008



One of my two ceramic teeth fell out. Ironically this happened as I brushed my teeth this morning. But it has been loose for weeks now, so it didn't come as a shock. I've even set aside a bit of money to get it fixed. You'd think gluing a tooth back on would take five minutes, but it will probably take days and cost a lot of money. Anyway, this was a synthetic tooth so there should be no immediate problems except looking ugly and speaking funny.
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I have grown old and stupid

I knew it would happen, but I am slightly disappointed that it happened so soon.

Two days ago, I tried to use my Net bank to transfer some money, which needed to be done as soon as possible. However, the browser hung after I had filled out the transfer form and clicked continue. I tried this repeatedly on two different machines, and concluded that the net bank must be down. So I tried again last night, with two different browsers, and it still did not work. I had pretty much decided to stop using that bank and write them a letter explaining why. Then I noticed the small hint at the top of the browser saying that it had blocked popups. Turns out one such popup was from my bank, politely asking me to provide a code to verify that I was still the one using the computer. (It was a fairly large sum of money.) When I did that, it all worked fine.

I do from time to time observe the elderly trying to interact with modern equipment like ATMs, and have concluded some years ago that there is a high likelyhood that if I reach their age, I will be baffled by the technology of that time as well. I had not expected it to happen for another twenty years or so, though, at which time ATMs will probably communicate with us using focused sound waves that reassemble inside our heads, or something equally outlandish.
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Norton 360

My first time installing Norton 360! I used Norton Antivirus on a machine a couple years ago and liked it. I installed Norton Internet Security on the black monster machine last summer, but the machine died because of hardware faults (and the seller finally went out of business). Now I'm trying the third and supposedly more advanced product, it was an anniversary sale so it cost less than the other two. I am not impressed. It tells me that it is going to do various things when I am away from my machine, but I was away for hours and nothing got done. When I run LiveUpdate, it needs to restart the machine afterwards. And when it starts again, it has entirely forgotten what it was about to do. It has also evidently forgotten whatever it installed, because it needs to run LiveUpdate again... and restart the machine again. And again. I have also had it check the entire machine and it did not notice the trojan that lies on the desktop ready to run and take over my machine. Uncool, uncool. On the bright side, it doesn't go ZOMG UR COOKIEZ MUST DIE NAO like Spyware Doctor.
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