March 6th, 2008

Type, Computer

Over-eager Spyware Doctor?

I will give credit to Spyware Doctor for removing my trojan quickly and efficiently. The obnoxious popups from various parts of Windows are gone, I have my task manager back and there is no trace of the trojan anymore. However, I get the impression that there must still be a dropper somewhere, because every few hours when I run Spyware Doctor it presents a long list of infections. Most of it is adware, and two dialers. Eerily enough it is exactly 5 of each. And eerily enough they are all in the same five registry entries, which are also side-by-side in the same section of the registry. Nowhere else on the hard disk or in the memory. Just these registry entries. And eerily enough Norton Security Scan (which also came with the Google Pack) only recognizes one (from the same place), a low-priority trackware. The fact that they are coming back all the time - despite firewall both on the PC and the router - indicates to me that they are probably placed there by some legitimate program. Well, sort of legitimate: The registry entry names iexplore. Insert mandatory "iexplore=malware" joke as needed.

In any case, I guess it is time to install Norton on this computer now that it is the main workhorse of the house. I had it on the Black Monster, but the machine died for other reasons (as did the company that sold it). The one year subscription is probably about to run out anyway, if it hasn't already. Unlike anything else I have tried, Norton catches worms live as they enter, so even if I accidentally doubleclick instead of rightclick (as happened with the trojan I was exploring late at night) I should still be OK.