February 10th, 2008

Newbie, CoH

Double XP weekend

City of Heroes. Double XP, double influence.

Unfortunately, I am not very interested in City of Heroes this weekend. I rather prefer Sims 2 for my limited playtime. And it's not like I get paid to level up or anything. I already have a level 50 so I am fairly familiar with the higher levels heroside, and I detest the Villain version of the game. (The Masterminds are actually great fun to play, except I hate the architecture, the atmosphere and the kind of players that dominate villainside.)

I think I may be back some other day.
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Love letters from the bank

I have two letters lying on the kitchen table for my amusement. One of them I don't even know who is from. The only text on the white envelop is FRIHETSLÅNET ("THE FREEDOM LOAN") in red and blue letters. This amuses me immensely. Loans are by and large like sins: You get more freedom right away, at the cost of vastly less freedom later. (With saving, obviously, it is the other way around.) The other letter is from my bank. I opened that, assuming that it would be a bank statement or some changes in the interest rates. (Interest rates are rising here in Norway, because if the rapid economic growth.) But the letter is the good message that my credit limit has been increased. Well, it is nice to have a credit there if I need it. You never know. But I know that banks prefer to loan to people who don't need it. Perhaps it is related to the way women prefer guys who are already in a relationship or at least gay.
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