February 4th, 2008



Any of you happen to use imeem.com? I do not trust them with my gmail password, which they would use to scan for any of my online friends. I much prefer keeping my passwords private, even though I have not heard of imeem using it for spamming, like another forgettable "social networking" site did. There are just so many things one can do with someone's gmail passwords, it boggles the mind. Anyway! Any of you happen to have an imeem account? (It is a media-oriented networking site with a fairly liberal practice on listening to other people's music*, at least for the time being. You have to register the content you upload though. I'll see about adding some of my CDs later if I like it here.) With my current job, there is little I can do online during the day except listen to music.

(* If I get this correctly, you can listen to another random user's song once.)
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