February 2nd, 2008


"We can't be trusted", indeed


An obvious socialist at heart, Laura Marcus argues that only the rich will care about where their food or clothes come from, everyone else will only look at the price tag. Her solution?
Consumer power is only concerned with cheap. Appeals to factory owners in the 19th century to treat their workers better fell on deaf ears. Giving local authorities the "right" to run schools didn't work either. It's only when the government took control that factory conditions were improved and schools were built. You can't rely on human nature to be basically decent. It isn't. It's governed by self-interest. We can't be trusted to behave well, so take choice away and make us.

Unfortunately, you can even less rely on government to be basically decent. History shows us this in bold letters.

If government had intervened in the early years of the industrial revolution, the coal mines and factories would have been shut down and people sent back to their farms. And we would still have tilled the soil, starved in spring and had a life expectancy of 40 years.

Until we get a government of saints and heavenly beings, I would rather giver freedom to the people than to the chickens, if I must choose.
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Decline and fall of the American empire?

U.S. reports first monthly decline in labor market since 2003

I hope this splash of ice water in the face may wake America up from its pleasant dreams. A weird sense of entitlement has settled on the once great nation. It is as if they think: "We are God's own country, it matters not if we go against the laws of God and Nature alike, borrowing and spending like a drunk sailor in port. Prosperity will always rain down on us from on high, no matter what we do." No it won't. The sooner you wake up, the better for you and us all.
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I fired up the old computer again - the one from before the Monster which is now overheating from lack of fan and which was built by a company that has finally folded after many years. Ironically, the old one is still running fine, just oh so slowly, and needing an external CD drive.

There are also now 4 other wireless networks here. I live on the very edge of suburbia, I have around that numbers of neighbors within easy walking distance. OK, a couple more. Which means there will probably be a couple more networks soon. Half of them are wide open.