February 1st, 2008

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SimCity Societies

As foretold by the voice in my head ("Gaming Jesus" among friends), SimCity Societies and I have a short but hectic relationship. Much like a fool and his gold. The game is taking a lot of flak, but I quite enjoy seeing - and hearing - my town shape itself after my decisions. No, the game doesn't have the sheer size of SimCity 4. It is more an alternative than a successor.

My first town was a very pure spiritual / agricultural town (for some reason the game conflates the two a lot). On my second try, I addes a good helping of knowledge and a little wealth, opening up a lot of combi buildings. I played this until it crashed, which actually took several hours. It is bedtime anyway.

I wonder if this game is a hint of the direction Sims 3 will take. In any case, the sims in the game were ecstatic to live under my benevolent rule. As with The Sims, I habitually set the happiness of my little electronic people before growth and reaching game goals. I enjoy tracking them as they wander from place to place until they are too happy to bother seeking more happiness. I know that feeling. Actually that's pretty much how I feel right now.
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Not that it matters

but my sleep clock didn't wake me today either. And this is the new sleepclock. I am sure it works perfectly, but I had set it wrong. How is is possible to set a clock radio wrong? I really feel my age. Blame it on the Flynn effect! Why would anyone want a "standby" mode that is not "off" but that still doesn't wake you? Especially considering that it remembers the time and alarm settings while in "off" mode. I was like "yes you stand by and then you wake me up in the morning". Right? Wrong. Luckily I had too much cramps to go to work anyway so it didn't matter. Perhaps later.
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