January 28th, 2008

Shocked, Scared

It feels like failing your rectal exam

I had to go home from work today, and am taking a sick day.
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I suppose my boss could read this if "I was sick" is not good enough. I don't recommend it though.

On the up side, these events make it easier to consider the brevity of life, the certainty of death and the duration of the hereafter.
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The future?

I am curious about how other people relate to the future. Do you live in it? Do you ignore it? Do you hate and fear it?

As for myself, I usually don't think about it much beyond buying a little more food before Sundays and holidays. I don't go on vacations, I don't save up for buying things, I rarely and only momentarily daydream about some future acquisition or achievement. Not even my plans get laid.
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