January 25th, 2008


An Itland classic for new readers.

When our basic physical needs are met, other needs manifest that are less physical. People want to be accepted, and they want to express themselves. These are also basic human needs. The trick of modern capitalistic society is to redirect these needs into marketable goods and services. If you open your eyes and truly look at most modem advertising, you will see this. Social needs like popularity, friendship and romance are supported by goods and services. Even when the connection is very weak, advertising (especially on television) strives to make an association by showing the goods in social settings. The idea is that if you buy the goods, you will be accepted. If you don't buy the goods, you may be rejected.

If you look through this illusion, you will see Hell. For if your friends only love you for the clothes you wear or the car you drive or the gum you chew... then you are already annihilated. You are already worthless. Your soul is nothing. For this reason, if nothing else, I consider the advertising business more demonic than the mentally confused boys who try to burn down churches after listening to too much Black Metal music. To rebuild a ruined church is easier and faster than to rebuild a ruined soul. Besides, most people realize that it is just wrong to burn down things. They don't realize that it is just wrong to bind up people's self-respect in random merchandise. More's the pity.