January 15th, 2008


Theology and cosmology

Some atheists seem to honestly assume that theists believe in God - or even "invented" gods - to explain the world. This is completely backwards, cart-before-horse. On the contrary, the religious person is already aware of God through experience. To say that God was invented to explain the world is like saying the sun was invented to explain sunshine.

Religions are founded, maintained and reformed by people who have a direct experience of the Divine. Of course we don't know for sure that the Divine exists, but then again we don't know for sure that matter exists. Perhaps we are in some kind of virtual reality. But since our experiences are consistent, we assume them to be real. It is the same with the experience of the spirit.

(This notice because several scientific magazines have recently written extensively about religion, all with the flawed premise that it is somehow a secundary or derived function that must have some profane purpose. You don't like religious people coming up with reasons why you are an atheist? Then don't do it unto them.)
At work, Self portrait

Trying again!

Tomorrow is a work meeting in Drammen, a city in Eastern Norway. Once again I have bought train tickets, both ways. Now to see if I suddenly get sick, or fall asleep, or forget the time, or otherwise become unable to attend. Here is hoping I can actually be there this time. Mind you, I wish it were not necessary. To be adrift for 22 hours (at best) with neither my computer nor my bed... and probably only intermittent toilet access as well, if earlier travel experiences are a reliable guide.

I have a seat rather than a bed on the night train, so the amount of sleep on the way will anyway depend on circumstances but likely be less than usual. At least my day rhythm recently is one where I am wide awake during work hours and sleep at night, whereas the opposite is often the case. So in that regard I count myself lucky.

It is raining cats and dogs, though.
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