December 2nd, 2003


OK ...

Just because I lost NaNoWriMo doesn't mean I'll scrap the story. I've been working on the final chapters, but I have the outline for the next chapter in my head if my body holds up so I guess I could return to that.

It being a new month, one of the muses in my head has come up with another story, somewhat different but possibly even more anime-inspired. I have taken notes for later use. Does any of you know if the title "Sugar High School" is taken? ^_^* Doesn't look like it from Google, and I like it.

On a note so vaguely related that I won't even begin to explain it, Touya-kun and Shindou-kun are really kinda innocute. I had forgotten just how much. I am tempted to re-view the whole series now.

OK, I lied. Collapse )

And now to find something boring to do so I can sleep.
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A quiz

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I really don't see what that has to do with green. In the least. And I'm not optimistic. I am happy, which is different. Things are good now, accordingly I am happy. They can only get worse, I am sure; by then I will re-evaluate my happiness.
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OMG! They killed! The bastards!

Furthermore, they stopped independent artists from transferring their content to other hosts, and erased well over a million tracks. Who they? CNET.
Remember this if you are ever tempted to have any business with CNET, its subsidiaries or associates. CNET is evil.

Admittedly it is a very moderate evil, compared to armed robbery or rape for instance. But it is a moderate evil on an enormous scale, worthy of mention in the history books along with the guys who burned down the Museum (Great Library) of Alexandria.
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