November 22nd, 2003


Chapter 20: Imagination Cake

"An inquiry into the nature and causes of chocolate cakes and other software."

We're definitely PG13 again, people. Warm and supposedly funny and a bit dizzy, chapter 20 shows us Anne-Linn taking charge. Heck hath no confusion like a confused woman!

Despite the familiar title, this chapter was actually written under the influence of a particularly energetic rendition of Ode to Joy.
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E's Otherwise

Watched final episode. Waah. As usual I had forgotten the Oriental idea that things don't need to be wrapped up nicely before you end. So it did not as much end as stop. Although there was some resulotion. And I loved Kai's Blue Phoenix effect. ^_^

It took me until the final episode to guess what the Sacrament of Calvario meant. Probably because we don't use the name "Calvary" in Norwegian. But I am sure he will be back. He did promise, after all.
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Not lost yet...

but getting there. I have jumped to the 3 last chapters, where my brain's memory buffer is currently near full and refresh takes way too much resources. Once those are written, I will return to the current part of the story. I hope. I have never done this before. Always before I have stopped writing when I knew the exact ending.

Obviously I won't upload those chapters until the rest are complete.
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