November 17th, 2003



I am aware that my writing right now is of lower quality than usual. I am trying to write anyway. 16 was the first chapter I am pretty sure I will have to rewrite completely, but I won't do that in November. (Or if I do, I'll keep them both for the word count. We'll see.)

Tomorrow it's back to work, supposedly.
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This chapter could need one of those pills to make it grow.

But there was simply nothing to add to that. I guess I can comfort myself with Goethe's famous line, "in der Beschr�nkung zeigt sich erst der Meister". (The master only shows himself in the limitation.)

This chapter is certified non-sexy, at least on average. Very much so. I guess I might eventually merge it with 16 to create a more balanced chapter. But this is not national editor month.
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Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien

Just watched episode 7. It is kinda comforting that no matter how badly I write, I will never mess up my characters' lives THAT badly.

It just goes to show: Just say NO to naked friends who want to cheer you up.
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