November 14th, 2003


Life is like a ... something.

The animal does not truly change,
nor does the angel.
All transition carries a risk:
In the forging, a tool may be broken.
In travel, there are dangers along the road.
In strenous exercize the body may be hurt.
So also is the human life
filled with danger and hope.

(Or that's what the voices in my head tell me! ^_^*)
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A good laughter prolongs the novel

Scientists have found that girls laught twice as much when they are with boys as when they are with other girls. Sociobiologists believe that this is an instinctive defensive reaction to charm the big, dangerous males. I believe it is because boys are twice as silly.

But in respect for science, I've taken the first approach in Chapter 14.

I'm also trying a different style of dialog, commented instead of bare. I am not sure I'll keep it though. Good dialog should be self-explanatory, in my opinion.
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Can I tempt you to draw my characters?

Can you draw in color, either with paper & scanner or directly in graphicsware?
In either manga or realistic style?
Do you have an Amazon wishlist? (Or the equivalent in other online stores, I guess.)

I am basically looking for a virtual cover for my NaNoWriMo novel. Feel free to discuss concepts before committing hours of hard work. Depending on quality and/or quantity, I'm looking to spend from $20 to $100 ... not enough to feed a starving family, but enough to grab some literature or DVD off Besides, it's a challenge! Artistic expression! Free publicity! Tax evasion! Wait, is that a good thing?...

I'll post further details if anyone is interested.

If you don't draw but know a friend who does, feel free to pass this on.
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