November 10th, 2003


Another chapter

Two days off from work. Chicken soup for my throat, ginger for my arm. One chapter, 2000 words. I guess any lingering pretense of seriousity goes out the window in this one. Or possibly not quite out the window ...

As usual, my story is found at

The latest bout of madness is chapter 10: "Boyology 101".
I just made this up. (Or my character did.) It has no foundation in science. I hope.
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Barnes & Noble e-books

It seems that B&N have wisely shut down their e-book division. I don't think they could compete on price in the growing marketplace of barely-for-profit e-book sellers, such as - I certainly have switched long ago, after buying 3 books at B&N and 1, I think, at Amazon. B&N kindly sent me a mail today asking me to download any books I might have bought before they shut down, so I did. That counts to their credit, I say. Good thing I found it before I deleted the spam today!
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