November 4th, 2003



Started on next chapter, mostly exposition of female main char. (For some reason the abbreviation MC still makes me think "motorcycle", then correct myself in my head to "male character" before I grudgingly realize that it probably means "main character". People should agree on abbreviations.)

I think it may be a sign that I need sleep when I cannot come up with a better chapter title than "Girls gone tame"...
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As I went to bed, I had doubts about my novel. I still have, but at least I no longer have doubts about the current chapter. I woke up and heard the muses tell me the continuation, word for word.

But I still wonder about the message. Given that this is classified as a romance novel, it's about human love, not divine. And in real life, human love is not very impressive. In real life, I doubt a woman's love can save anything more evil than an underage goth, and not even all of them.
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Too much artificial intelligence...

You have to wonder what kind of people trained this speech recognition software in the first instance... when I say "catch her breath" and it insists on writing "touch her breasts"! (Yes, I'm trying to dictate a romance novel, but my computer is not supposed to improve on that for me.)
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My arm and my throat both agree that I have been a bad, bad boy. But I have uploaded Chapter seven: When girls go tame. Not only is this probably my longest chapter so far. This will also be the first page in the history of Google to contain the phrase "dewy love petals". Repeatedly.

And although the girls are alone for several pages of mostly dialog (trialog?), they never mention menstruation. So much for realism.

Given that my knowledge of women generally is at the level where I wish they came with labels like "this side up", I am rather content with the content.

(And yes, I know you have probably written another 5000 words in the meantime. But don't forget the old story about the hair and the purpoise.)
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