October 10th, 2003


Today is the day...

Doctor appointment day, that is. I haven't felt this good in the last two and a half months. In fact, I think I am totally fine today. It's always like that, isn't it? When you want to demonstrate some computer stuff, it doesn't work; but when you try to show the problem to an engineer, it works like new, until they are safely out of earshot.
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Quick! Protect your marriages!

Not just because I am still free. I am also happy to supply y'all with a quick overview of some of the greatest Men of God and their family lives, for your edification.

Abraham, the Founder of the Faith, had his first child with his womanservant (or slave girl, as the Norwegian translation calls her). In all fairness, though, God preferred the child of his wife, who also happened to be his half-sister.

"The God-fearing Lot", who gets testimony by the apostle for his righteous soul, had sons by both of his daughters. In all fairness, he was drunk at the time, and God had transformed his wife into a pillar of salt.

Jacob, also called Israel, outshone his grandfather Abraham by having two wives and two slave girls, all of which bore him children who became the ancestors of God's Own People.

His son Judah, ancestor of the Jews, accidentally had a child with his son's wife, because he thought she was a prostitute. Their offspring became the ancestor line of David and thus the Messiah.

David himself, called "a man after God's heart", declared that his friend Jonathan's love was more precious to him than women's love. And he should know what he spoke of: He had five wives at the same time. The number of concubines is unknown, they are only referred to as a group.

Jesus, to the best of our knowledge, was never married. The apostle Paul certainly was not, and he wished everyone could be like him in that respect. He recommended marriage only for those who were too lustful to control themselves.

I am not proposing to follow the example of as many of these as possible. What I am proposing is that people who wear bibles in public should think twice before they are less tolerant than their God. Or else.
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