August 31st, 2003


Penile meditations

There are few things as amusifying at 4 AM as reading the deep thoughts of teenagers pondering the mystery of their reproductive equipment in an online forum. (In this case, Gaia online.) I wonder if this will still be funny when I wake up tomorrow.

" Ok having a penis is just....I mean it's not bad. But some things can happen and embarrass the hell outta you."

"Penis's and politics dont go together, I'm sure Bill Clinton found that out the hard way."

"Don't blame the penis, the penis is not at fault. It is merely the tool, the brush with which the masterpiece is formed. What comes from it is up to the artist."
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What kind of writer am I?

You're a Dialogue/Character Writer!

What kind of writer are you?
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Indeed. When the dialog ends, it is more likely than not to be replaced by memories, observations or musings by the viewpoint character. For the most part, the narrator could be shot through the head and buried last Sunday as far as doing anything other than faithfully reporting the viewpoint character's brain activity.

Take for instance this rather typical paragraph from my latest creation, and watch as dialog gives way to action. Or so it seems ... in reality, we never leave the brain of the viewpoint character:

"Heeowmen cuddly, they are! Not like dwarfs. Dwarfs never wanna hug, nyo. Dwarfs good friends, they are, but hard and cold like stone. Not soft and cuddly, nyo." The catboy stood up and looked longingly at Danor. "Mr're wanna hug yeeow, wanna?"
It wasn't really a question, just a warning. Danor barely had time to brace himself. By sheer tenacity and reflexes honed as a younger brother, he managed to heroically stay on his feet. He had time to wonder whether this was a good thing or not, as he stood swaying with 80 pounds of hyperactive vibrating catboy climbing on him.

Dialog/character, indeed.

Hugs and cliches to renowned fanfic writer tsaiko for the link.
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Wish fulfillment dream

I dreamt that it was the near future, and they had made a new game based on Daggerfall. It wasn't a complete Daggerfall but a series of quests and stuff set in the world of Daggerfall. It was a console game with incredibly detailed graphics. And, you could play it in 3D in the holo-arcades. I lived in Rome at the time; the weather was much worse than now, with violent storms and flash floods; the political landscape was also in upheaval, but I did not bother much about that. I came to the holo-arcades each day to play the game. And I met a young girl there, or woman - she must have been around college age - who also came there every day to play. We became friends and it was like we had grown up together, we understood each other so well. Often we would say just a few words, but because we know all the references, those words said so much. It was so peaceful just sitting on a bench together or standing at the bus stop in the rain ... I did not want to wake up from the dream, and so time passed, day after day drifted past us like a river. At brief moments I was aware that I was dreaming, was about to wake up ... but then I turned my back on the world and went back to my dream. Nothing more happened, but it did not need to. Being able to play Daggerfall with my whole body rather than my wrist, and having a gamer girl for a friend - what more could a man wish from life?
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Popotan episode 7

This episode is a bit different. Not just because of poorer graphics quality, but because for the first time there is some serious violence. For the first time another Timeless shows up, and tries to protect the sisters from being discovered. But things don't go quite as intended. This is also the first time we meet a character from an earlier episode. Possibly two ... look at the hair.

I notice that they have kept the change in the intro movie, where now all the girls are wiggling their bottom, not just the pre-pubescent one. I suspect they have gotten some serious feedback. The series remain a curious mix of child-TV and ecchi, and while it is not quite pornographic by contemporary standards, I can easily see borderline pedophiles playing some episodes one over and over. (This episode is more adult, though.)

Me, I want to play the music over and over. It is very joyful and energetic, especially the Popotan song (intro) but also the technopunk.
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