August 22nd, 2003


I'm still here

One more Chaos Node reader reports not getting to my website. Once again, my return mail is bounced. A different domain this time. This confirms my theory that is being blocked for some reason. But probably not by the whole world ... it is hard to say, since I get no mail from the people who do read it, if any.

But at least my LJ is here.

Bought Bloodmoon

Today I bought the second expansion pack for Morrowind. If I live for several more years (which I certainly would not mind) I would likely regret at some point not having bought it. Not right now. It's got werewolves in it, which is bound to be a good thing. I was kinda an expert on lycanthropy in Daggerfall. Then again, Morrowind is more mainstream; I doubt I will ever be an expert on anything in Morrowind.
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