August 16th, 2003



When I first signed up for Gaia Online, I had no idea that I would spend the next two days there. (Well, apart from work and basic needs like food, potty, a little sleep and Morrowind.) Anyway ... it's, like, paradisical!

I mean ... cat ears, tails, school uniforms, and nothing but chibi bishounen and bishoujo wherever you look! Green, blue and pink hair and eyes. And people are so friendly! Of course, it is hard to be evil when you are a big-eyed barely legal bishie and you are welcomed by cat-eared girls offering you cookies and muffins and wanting to be your friend. ^-^

It feels like a preview of Paradise, without the shrubbery. Of course, people are generally immature and clueless, but I have reason to believe that this will be the case in Paradise too, at least in the beginning...
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