August 7th, 2003


Misanthropology redux

It has come to our attention that "men are from Mars, women are from Venus". This makes sense.

Venus is approximately hot enough to melt lead; the clouds are raining sulphuric acid; the sun is not visible through the dense cloud cover, only a diffuse dark red glare filling the sky. In shot, Venus is hell. That explains a lot.

And all men are strangers in a strange land.

I am going now to drown my cynicism in anime, as large quantities of chocolate milk did not do the trick.
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Better now

I watched some anime, then took a nap and dreamt more anime. My mood is better now, and it was better than it looked like even when I posted last time. I guess I will always remain somewhat cynical, but in a friendly way. ^_^
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    The voices in my head singing an anime song