July 27th, 2003


What day is it today? It's Stellvia day!

So dress up your loved ones, get out your Shima and Kouta plushies, and watch Stellvia episode 17: Battle!

In this episode, a decisive attack against the aliens is being prepared. The Infi is being upgraded and tweaked. Some people show unusual talents. Others are shown to learn from their past, and even from other people's past, and surpass their own destiny. It is OK to be frigthened ... but this is not the last episode! And finally ... who is watching over Kouta? All this and much more in Stellvia episode 17: Battle!
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Onegai twins

Watched two episodes of this anime. The plot is extremely contrived even for a schoolkid romance drama anime: One day, two girls (independently of one another) arrive at the house of a young boy who is living alone. They both claim to be his long lost twin sister, and they both have the same picture that he has, showing a baby boy and girl and the house which is now his.

All three of them have unbalanced personalities, each in a different way. The interactions between these personalities could be interesting in itself. However, the recurrent twincest innuendo keeps screaming "contrived, contrived!", drowning out the plot. I never thought that I would actually see that kind of innuendo in broadcast-level material. It is rather disturbing. Some topics are simply not possible to handle well, I believe. And in any case, this anime is not doing it.

The graphics are good, the landscapes are better than most I have seen in anime, even the weather. The plot, while openly contrived, is new and interesting. This anime could have been so good.
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