July 20th, 2003


Babblefish revisited

I wonder how much study it would take to be able to translate from Japanese as well as Babelfish does. Here an introduction to the anime "E's Otherwise".

The person who has the ability to surpass the ability of the normal human much
' E'S - The s 'with it is called, ' the ability person ' existence...
Remonstrance = ? hall(KAI KUDOU), 15 years old.
Him and,' E'S 'with the existence which was called...
' E'S ', it divided with the fight and the encounter of the protagonist and the super power which have melancholy, and the conspiracy which wriggles to the darkness... with it interwove the element which is said skillfully, now ' to animation we want converting, that ' it is the work whose demand is strong.

I intend to formally adopt the phrase "conspiracy which wriggles to the darkness" and all its close relatives. Some mental images are too valuable to allow to wriggle to oblivion.
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Stellvia 16

The aliens have attached themselves to Ultima. Our heroes have to leave Stellvia on a rescue mission. It is not a happy day for our Shima and Kouta. And it gets worse ... the war has begun.
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